Condesa is a new Australian subsidiary of the Ecom Coffee Group, one of the world’s leading coffee merchants. Condesa is uniquely positioned to connect Australian coffee roasters directly to coffee growers around the world through its unrivalled network of origin operations. Condesa has the ability to source high quality coffee, provide ongoing supply and distribution management, market analysis as well as risk management solutions for our customers.

Condesa connects roasters to origin. It is the representative of a large network of dedicated people of diverse nationalities that can connect you to the heart of the coffee production regions from the high mountains of the Sierra Madre de Chiapas in southern Mexico through to the Highlands of Papua New Guinea. Condesa is linked to an entire network of coffee export channels. Through these direct relationships, Condesa can showcase to roasters a variety of coffees from around the world and assist in their selection for their blends and final products.

The Ecom Coffee Group recognised very early that the industry was moving towards greater transparency in the supply chain. Central to Ecom’s success is developing sustainable practices in the communities in which it operates globally. Focus is directed to technical assistance to growers to enable and assist in improving yield, productivity, minimise environmental impact and in continuously improving product quality.

The strength of Condesa is from its experienced origin managers with their close relationship directly with coffee growers. Our coffees are all carefully selected by experienced quality managers to ensure premium quality and consistency for the specialty and conventional coffee markets.