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About Us


Condesa is the Australian representative of a global network of origin-integrated companies backed by the Ecom Coffee Group. Through this network, it has the ability to obtain green beans directly from growers and origin managers operating in over 22 countries worldwide. Origin- integration allows the company to act as the sole intermediary, connecting stakeholders throughout the supply chain from farm gate to roaster. Through Condesa, roasters can enjoy direct access to coffee growers of all nationalities across the globe.


Condesa recognizes that risk management is a critical aspect of any coffee business in the supply chain, regardless of the size or scope of the business. Understanding the price and value of coffee requires an in depth understanding of the many factors involved such as differentials, foreign exchange rates, futures markets and the supply and demand fundamentals of each quality. With over 160 years in supplying agricultural products, the Ecom Group is well placed to provide expert assistance to roasters in managing these risks.


Condesa is committed to affecting real and tangible change in the coffee industry through its support of sustainable practices and certification programs. The Ecom Coffee Group has lead the market over the past 20 years in its sustainability initiatives at a grass roots level- providing pre-crop finance, technical assistance in the areas of agronomy and quality control in post-harvest processing through to assistance in marketing and connecting coffee from the farm gate to the roaster.


Condesa understands the need to be price competitive yet maintain quality and superior customer service. The focus is on serving buyer clients with differentiated products and solutions by providing better quality, traceability, advice on substitute coffees and sourcing of new coffees. Ecom offices around the world conduct daily cupping sessions with roasters to identify their quality needs and roast profiles. Direct trade solutions are offered by providing transparent full and partial container load import services for Australian based roasters.

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