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Condesa is uniquely positioned to connect Australian coffee roasters directly to coffee growers around the world through its unrivalled network of origin operations. We have the ability to source coffee at every quality level and can even tailor coffee from origin to a roaster’s requirements. Adding to this we are also able to provide ongoing supply and distribution management and risk management solutions for our customers.

About Condesa

Condesa is an extension of a global network of origin-integrated companies backed by the ECOM Coffee Group. Through this network, green coffee is sourced directly from farmers by dedicated teams operating in over 22 countries worldwide. Our origin presence allows ECOM to offer coffee farmers pre-crop financing, agronomy training, logistical support, processing & milling and an access to a global marketplace. Through Condesa roasters can enjoy direct access to our coffee partners at origin to strengthen the roasters connection to where their coffee is coming from.

ECOM’s origin offices are focused on utilising their expertise and resources to enable the coffee farmer to get the best outcome from each crop. The relationship that each Origin Director has with the coffee farmers they work with is based on a long term partnerships of mutual benefit. ECOM works closely with farmers to help improve yields, quality and consequently family incomes. With training, access to better markets, agricultural inputs and technology, farmers can increase their farm yields and quality each harvest.

We believe that knowledge is key to a fully functional supply chain. Roasters can be introduced to ECOM Origin Directors who can in turn introduce roasters directly to the farmers with whom very close relationships are maintained. It is only by getting on a plane and visiting origin that roasters will get a clearer understanding of the supply chain and the challenges growers face in delivering high quality coffee each year. Our philosophy is that if roasters can see for themselves the operational arrangements in place they will then start to understand how the ECOM Coffee Group remains competitive on price without compromising on the quality of the coffee sourced.

Connecting roasters to origin.

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